Here’s the best of 2008, while it was a messy year, not much out there that really stood out. I still managed to find this, in no particular order. Its a Itunes ready file which has chapters and markers and such for easy clicking and purchasing on Amazon. Admittedly I did get most of these from emusic, so please join it’s quite a bargain.

  1. Brightblack morning light – Motion to rejoin
  2. Burial – Untrue*
  3. Free for all – Bullwackies*
  4. Caribou– Andorra*
  5. Olaf Arnalds – Vio og vio
  6. Flight of the Conchords
  7. Girl Talk – Feed the Animals
  8. Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple
  9. Famous Renfroe – Children
  10. Every mouth must be fed – Micron Music
  11. Microcastle – Deerhunter
  12. Un dia – Juana Molina

* Ok, this really was released in 2007 but I didn’t hear it

So you could call it a top 9, but who’s counting? Hope you enjoy, leave comments of your favorites and if you fancy any of my choices subscribe to the RSS feed. I’m in the midst of creating episodes and will begin to post them later in the week, sooner if I get encouragement!