Best of 2010

Very happy to share this podcast with my daughter Claire to deliver two generations of audio pleasure. Please download into an iPod or iTunes to get all the cover art and titles and such. So we each chose our best and collided on a couple of titles. The winners are: Dean and Britta : 13 most beautiful songs for Andy Warhol Deerhunter : Halcyon Digest Betty Carter : Round Midnight [&hellip

Christmas 10

A collection of some newly found Christmas blues, jazz and such. Perfect for a hot toddy and a roaring fire. Happy Holidays! Artists include: Ella, Brook Benton, Charlie Parker, The Flamingoes, its a mellow, bluesy, jazzy kinda gig

Best of 2009

Hello friends. Its been another year, and while perhaps no one will miss 2009, it of course had a great deal of fantastic music. I went through all my ratings of all I had heard and complied this podcast with examples of just one of the songs from albums that had the most amount of great tunes. If you enjoy please comment. Also, right click the link and download this [&hellip

Best of 2008 podcast

The top 12 records of 2008 as voted by me… 3 are from 2007 which is a bit lame, so there’s a solid top

Best of 2007 podcast

Welcome again for that holiday tradition, this year, everything pretty much is a reissue of stuff from 1971, so who knows what the music world is all about. Play this on your new ipod/iphone though, I dumped .mp3 for .m4p and put in artwork, and all that jazz. It rolls in at about 50 meg, so consider this a early christmas present. Cheers! 10. Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals 9. [&hellip

Best of 2006 podcast

Miriam-Guebrow, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Vetiver, Arthur Russell, John Zorn, Staple Singers, Brightblack Morning Light, Neko Case, Samara Lubelski, Zero 7, Arctic Monkeys, Lupe Fiasco, Nicolai Dunger, Wilderness, Bob Marley, Sufjan Stevens, and Joanna Newsom made it to the top. Concert: Califone at Empty Bottle. [audio:best2006.m4a

Best record of 2005 – Sufjan Stevens Illinois

I missed out on the Michigan record last year, but I’m catching up, Sufjan Stevens Illinois, by a mile. How you get some Philip Glass + Brian Wilson + Ira Glass + High School Chorus and make it sound this good is beyond me

Best record of 2004 – Ariel Pink The Doldrums

Tough to pick one, Animal Collective was a great revelation, mash-ups like The Grey Album and Go Home Productions put a great spin on old tunes, Joana Molina Tres Cosias was fantastic, and the concert of the year. But nothing is dearer to my heart than the sonic craziness of Ariel Pink – The Doldrums

Best record of 2003 – bonnie prince billy Master and Everyone

Bonnie Prince BIlly is a tough one to pin down, certainly prolific and somewhat dodgy, but Master and Everyone gets my vote for best of

Best record of 2002 – Horace Andy meets Nagoo Morris

Its a joy to see the fine reissues of previously impossible to find gems that gushed out of Jamaica in the 74-80 period. But what about the gems produced on these shores? In Brooklyn for example with Bullwackie Barnes? Thanks to the Rhythm and Sound German guys we have a chance to reawaken a great period in our own history. Showcases like Horace Andy meets Nagoo Morris top my list [&hellip

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