Creating a Collaborative Coaching Community / Platform for Yoouniko

For Youniko, the founders wanted to create a space where people can get help with learning new skills on how to enhance their career. The platform is a virtual marketplace where experts in different areas could connect with clients and create plans, deliver lessons, and measure progress. This was a startup and with this business plan they needed help envisioning how this process could work.

Our small team took on rapid storyboarding of the elements needed to create a good experience for the customer and the coach. We focused on UX copywriting, how the interface told the story to the user of their progress.  The key challenges were to enable goals were set by a coach and fulfilled by a client. These goals became the core metaphor of the service and we envisioned some fulfilled by metrics like posting to social media, blogging, or engaging with networking events.

We created a clickable prototype in so we could test our concepts. We found out we tested that we needed to add monetization to the platform and create better narratives around the progress indicators. The prototype evolved as potential customers and investors engaged in this environment and used this medium fidelity mockup to rapidly evolve our assumptions before they became documented and coded. We were also able to remove some concept areas to save on development time and better focus on business success.

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