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US episode 4 – dynamics!

Episode four, I think, is a new level. If you’ve ever turned it up to 11, its all about dynamics, loudness, or just plain impact. If you turn back to the 20’s just being loud enough to be heard over the sound of dust in the grooves was the challenge. Contemporary music has a bit less of a hurdle, but still because we hear literally twice as much spectrum as can be captured on a recording. How do you cram dynamic sounds into such as small space? I’ve got some good examples in this episode. Bonus points for all who post in comments on what tunes are in the new intro collage, along with your thoughts on what sounds you think really hit the sonic mark.

US episode three – Stereo

The gloves come off this episode, I get down and dirty and really begin to research some of my rambled opinions. And what a befitting subject. As mono recordings could represent black and white movies, some amazing art, but technology marches on. Stereo adds that extra bit of oomph for those of us with two ears. But it was a rocky road starting out, 3 track recording, 4 track, 8 track, the sounds, the technology, the story, give a listen!

US – episode two – thoroughly modern mono

Sophisticated sounds, in a monaural vein. How early mastering to mono created some of the great sonic gems, with examples from Pablo Casals, and Louis Armstrong. Then, fidelity gets better, Les Paul is introduced, as well as just what good sounds can come from Sam Cooke and the Rolling Stones, indeed who needs Stereo?