Unbelievable Sounds Episode one!!!

Ok, it’s really here, the first episode of the long mulled over “Unbelievable Sounds” – for those used to the yearly dip into the record rack, this will come as a departure. I wanted to come up with a way to share some of the unsung nuances of what it means to listen to recorded music. Why do bands have a great album, then a dud? What is it that makes us love a tune, and then dismiss a sound-alike? My theory is that the real hand behind great tunes is the producer/engineer. The people that figure out what to turn the knobs to, the people that listen past the performance and create something to share. This isn’t a rant against bands, far from it, but a celebration of the great things we can all turn our ears and hear. Unlike a pricy wine, this one is free, the only cost is to listen to me prattle on over great music. Still, take a chance, its only a click away. Recommended for headphones and portable listening devices!

Episode one – Mono

Primitive recordings = amazing sounds. Even with some people shouting in a megaphone to make a needle vibrate, it was still able to deliver riveting music. A smattering of classical, world (madagascar), elvis, proves the point that this way of recording, working within its limitations, provides great pleasure.


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  1. modern4life says:

    Smashing. Keep ’em coming.

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