Unbelievable sounds’ best albums of 2014

Happy 2015 friends! In case you wondered what unbelievable sounds I heard in 2014, here’s my best of the year podcast. Listen or download at http://functionprojects.com/unbelievablesounds/audio/2014_best.m4a

10. The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Complete – Bob Dylan, a recovery of one of the most mythical sessions of Bob and the Band cranking out tunes.

9. Atlas – Real Estate – Dreamy california pop

8. Everybody Down – Kate Tempest – rap poetry with a Cockney accent.

7. Mug Museum – Cate Le Bon – intricate psych rock with a Welsh accent

6. Love – Amen Dunes – Folky, smoky, with an Appalachian accent.

5. L’Amour – Lewis – Forgotten synth folk from a dusty record store cutout bin.

4. White Fence live in San Francisco – Tripping the 60’s groove thing.

3. Ray LaMontagne – Supernova – Plenty of hooks and reverbs on some catchy melancholy

2. Ty Segall – Manipulator – Power chords and bell bottoms.

1. The sea when absent – A sunny day in Glasgow – Shoegazing in a maze of dense, melodic poppy joy.