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A video still of me describing data


I’ve written many articles, both here and on Medium. Blog posts are a better term, but whatever phrase we use, writing for me is an essential tool for expressing and analyzing ideas. Determining a suitable topic, outlining sequence and concepts, then creating a compelling narrative where others may gain from my perspective. Paragraph after paragraph,

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Slats – Sound reactive

One of several new sound reactive pieces. While other configurations correlate to sounds just because your mind correlates movement and sound. This module adds a microphone along with options how to react to the sound. This movie shows how this works in reality and is set to my unofficial soundtrack- Lightworks by Raymond Scott. Created

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Exhibition @ Compound Yellow 2019

A joint exhibition – the Biff and Yubbie Show at Compound Yellow Oak Park,IL with my wife Elizabeth doing the center sculptures. Sound by Sam Prekop.

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Slats – matrix slow

These matrix programs take advantage of knowing their dimensions, when spread out and slowed down they can create very soothing, interesting interactions with the mask. 36×36.

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This uses a significant amount of negative space to create an interesting gestalt around reconciling the motion of the light with the geometry of the wall and space. Programmed with a sinelon routine to merge and collide color spaces. It’s a large piece, 5 feet by 3 feet, but light as a feather so it

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Slats – kinetic

Created 2021. This series focuses on how to contextualize different light programs behind perforations with carefully placed LED’s. This particular program has a certain kinetic energy that goes well with lively music.

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three panel

Dots mega

A somewhat gigantic version of dots that gives the sinus color shifting routines room to stretch out. The arrangement doesn’t include a sealed background to be added later. Measures 24x36inches.

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Dots triple

Triple version, measuring 36 inches square and an inch deep. Having three areas created some interesting gradient juxtapositions. I created 3 some alternate lighting programs that exploited the center vs the edges of this arrangement.

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Art using light to create dot patterns

Dots double

One of the first self contained pieces that didn’t rely on the background wall color, the programming here emphasizes the interplay between foreground and background. The negative space appears to be a positive space. While non-reactive to environment, these pieces emphasize gradients and pacing is set to a moderate rate.

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bokeh dots created artificially


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