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A video still of me describing data


I’ve written many articles, both here and on Medium. Blog posts are a better term, but whatever phrase we use, writing for me is an essential tool for expressing and analyzing ideas. Determining a suitable topic, outlining sequence and concepts, then creating a compelling narrative where others may gain from my perspective. Paragraph after paragraph,

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three panel

Dots mega

A somewhat gigantic version of dots that gives the sinus color shifting routines room to stretch out. The arrangement doesn’t include a sealed background to be added later. Measures 24x36inches.

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Art using light to create dot patterns

Dots double

One of the first self contained pieces that didn’t rely on the background wall color, the programming here emphasizes the interplay between foreground and background. The negative space appears to be a positive space. While non-reactive to environment, these pieces emphasize gradients and pacing is set to a moderate rate.

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Blink lights

5 product design principles I discovered while trying to make art

I studied sculpture in art school, and been a gallery artist early in my career. Like many, the world of the internet and digital design has taken up most of my time and energy and became my vocation. Art made way for commerce. Hands-on object manipulation turned to virtual clicking, swiping and keyboarding. I was

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Unbelievable Sounds

Unbelievable Sounds Best albums 2017

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tool browser

UX Design Team part 3 – Use the best Tools *updated

It seemed not too long ago that most websites were designed with tools intended for print design. The venerable Photoshop or Illustrator was brought into this new medium and used to draw out the web page. I never felt satisfied with these static images, they seemed so out of step with the workflow, the patterns

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UX Design Team part 2 – Processes: Scrum and Agile

Most design teams function within a project management structure. Someone is there to keep track of the deadlines, the deliverables needed, the people needed to do the work. There are many positives to this approach, although I feel bad about this job function, it’s thankless. It’s an unfortunate combination of all the responsibility and little

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UX Design Team part 1 – the people

Where does a great user experience come from? It’s a team that consists of these 7 skills. User experience as a term is fairly new. As Don Norman explains, it encompasses everything a customer encounters when interacting with a company. Practically, this is the job of everyone at the company, so UX tends to focus

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Best records of 2015

Welcome again dear friends as I describe the records that influenced me most this year. The goal of unbelievable sounds is to showcase records that are meant to be played all the way through, and the best ones you want to repeat again and again. This year it was: 10 Colin Stetson and Sara Neufeld

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What prototype tool should I use?

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings” It has been a great year for UX’ers and designers to get aboard the prototype bandwagon. For those that are just beginning, or pros that want to try something new I put together my thoughts on which tool seems to work

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