4 steps to better UX: 2 Sketch it, test it.

The next step after you’ve refined your value proposition and created personas is to map out the user journey. This is hard work, but it pales in comparison to realization. In fact, it’s often tempting to get right into building because planning an experience is like planning a city. Stakeholders, clients, team members, bystanders will all

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4 steps to a better UX: 1 Stick to your story

How do you turn an idea into something you can build? First step, don’t start thinking about the technology or design. Your two essential starting idea ingredients are a value proposition, a service, told as a story like ‘wouldn’t it be great if a person could do x and achieve y’. Then picture a person who would

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SXSW 2013

I’m back from my second year at SXSW, and the experience feels like when runners go to train in a place like Denver so when they go back to their normal elevation they have unusual energy. This is where the richest people in the world and the smartest people in the world literally rub shoulders, and while

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Interface hero: Will Crowther

I consider myself lucky that my first exposure to computing also introduced me to an elegant and amazing computer interface. This was in the 70’s when computers took up entire floors, and green screens and obtuse command language was the de facto way to communicate with these new mysterious devices. As seen on TV and

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The package should match the content – why we need new movie thumbnails

Who can deny buying a book or renting a movie based on the cover art? This art is one of the main elements used to discern one product from another. We see great designers working to make sure we have a sexy package to indicate the hopefully great content within. When we go online,  that

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Interface hero: Jonathan del Strother

In 2006, a developer named Jonathan del Strother created an application called “Cover Flow”. This was an amazing achievement for several reasons that are still something I think define what makes the difference between a good and great user experience. Using your phone or itunes, compare the version Jon made (in the movie) to the

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Tablet on the job II, 10 apps that made it work

In order to do work, we create things, or disseminate information to each other. We write emails, create assets for use elsewhere. We attend meetings and document our progress. Some sell things and use Point of sale (POS) systems to facilitate payment. Most of these tasks can be accomplished easily on a tablet. Many already

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Bring your tablet to work part 1

It happened to me. Trying to get things done on the job without my accustomed tools. I’m not speaking of table saws or socket wrenches, but computer tools. Normally this is a mid- 2010 MacBook Pro, with a 27 inch monitor. This machine has the cusomary suites of productivity programs, and because I’ve been in

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A n00b at SxSW

My expectations were somewhat high, having many friends/co-workers come back from the event and asked about it they lacked words to describe. A convention so magical it renders people speechless. I can now say that I am also at a lack for summary words but will forge on, hopefully, to jog my own memory as

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I wish I did it!

Our newest agency culture building exercise is called “I wish I did it”. The purpose is to gather the agency together over a long lunch and share what things are inspiring us. We have been going for several months now, and it has grown to be a date we all look forward to. We’ve even

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