Let the crowd introduce you / New York Writes Itself

 This project I learned to wear many hats. I harnessed the power of WordPress and prototyped with Axure to quickly gather consensus on approach. Using these Agile processes covertly within a very traditional agency model paid off. 3 Cannes Lions in 2012 for best use of user generated content. Bronze Lion for best use of social media.

As a new entrant into an agency culture so well established (hello Mad Men), how can Leo Burnett New York launch itself? By giving native New Yorkers the chance to tell the story of their city and tap into the hearts, minds, guts and grit of the characters who inhabit one of the most electrifying and fascinating places on earth. New York Writes Itself  provides a forum for New Yorkers to share the real lives and everyday experiences of the people who hail from the city that never sleeps.
My contribution was to bring a solution to production quickly and make it dead simple to participate and consume the content. Using WordPress as a backbone, user stories (rather than volumes of specs)  and rapid prototyping with Axure, we released ahead of schedule. The success of the project led to a partnership with the Village Voice and presented the agency as a major force in a new market.

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