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Unbelievable Sounds

Unbelievable Sounds Best albums 2017

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Best records of 2015

Welcome again dear friends as I describe the records that influenced me most this year. The goal of unbelievable sounds is to showcase records that are meant to be played all the way through, and the best ones you want to repeat again and again. This year it was: 10 Colin Stetson and Sara Neufeld

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Unbelievable sounds’ best albums of 2014

Happy 2015 friends! In case you wondered what unbelievable sounds I heard in 2014, here’s my best of the year podcast. Listen or download at 10. The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Complete – Bob Dylan, a recovery of one of the most mythical sessions of Bob and the Band cranking out tunes. 9.

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12 songs of christmas

Download/listen to the podcast here.

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Unbelievable sounds best of 2013

Cheers to the great tunes of 2013. Here’s my top 10! Chance the Rapper Acid Rap Velvet Underground La Cave Adventures in modern living 1968 Kurt Vile Walkin’ on a pretty daze Joe Higgs Unity is Power Opossum – Electric Hawaii Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II Dirty Beaches – Drifters/Love is the Devil Valerie June

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10 cowboy christmas classics

Good music always brings on the holiday spirit. This year a lovely set of 10 cowboy christmas oldies to set your mood for the next few days before the onslaught of the Best of Unbelievable Sounds 2013 podcast! Download link – Cowboy Christmas Tunes

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Unbelievable sounds – Best of 2012 Podcast

Welcome to a new years celebration of some records that really inspired me for 2012 Or download it at Unbelievable Sounds Lotus Plaza Spooky Action at a Distance Daughn Gibson All Hell Tame Impala Lonerism Japandroids Celebration Rock Grimes Visions Yeasayer Fragrant World The Sea and Cake Runner Ariel Pink Mature Themes Donnie and Joe

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New episodes coming soon, old episodes sitting around…

In an attempt to get this out to people who may like this, I’ve put a podcast section in my ‘main’ blog. And with soundcloud, I’m hoping to get some feedback on these formative episodes. So, stay tuned, my best of year is coming soon, along with the new US episode “distortion”. For those wishing

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Unbelievable sounds episode 4 – dynamics

Episode four, I think, is a new level. If you’ve ever turned it up to 11, its all about dynamics, loudness, or just plain impact. If you turn back to the 20’s just being loud enough to be heard over the sound of dust in the grooves was the challenge. Contemporary music has a bit

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Unbelievable sounds episode three: stereo

The gloves come off this episode, I get down and dirty and really begin to research some of my rambled opinions. And what a befitting subject. As mono recordings could represent black and white movies, some amazing art, but technology marches on. Stereo adds that extra bit of oomph for those of us with two

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