Mobile coupons / Using technology to deliver value directly to retailers (and consumers)

Smartphones (in 2010) were strange, mysterious devices that seemed to (and do) deliver amazing opportunities to those who think of how to use the customers location to deliver value. I was asked, along with digital strategy, to think up a new way to deliver a coupon. We came up with a unique way to deliver a breakthrough process.
The sticking point is that value is usually aggregated through a third party, coupons, although created by the manufacturer, have a high overhead for processing. This makes them slightly unpopular among small grocery stores. Think about collecting a box of IOU’s. Not a pleasant or efficient process, and due for reinvention.
However, a manufacturer with the presence in the marketplace could change some behavior. Our proposal was to deliver the value directly through redemption on the phone. Controlled and monitored by age and identity, we could also directly credit the business. My role was to present this to the stakeholders, and demonstrate the idea as well as use user-centric principles. Namely, provide benefit for all participants. Win-win.

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