Inspire your visitors / Coca-Cola's Arctic Home

This project had dozens of stakeholders, vendors, and the IT infrastructure of Coca-Cola that needed to coordinate and maintain focus on delivering value to the customer. I learned that mobile can trump desktop, the mobile experience I conceived of was the easiest to deliver and the most visited. I also learned that adding gaming aspects aka “gamification” takes a dedicated team to pull off successfully.

An ongoing goal of Coca-Cola is to engage customers in their support of environmental causes. The experience known as Arctic Home was a change in packaging, in-store signage, a call-to-donate through SMS (or through desktop and mobile) and to provide an ongoing environment to set up a polar bear refuge in the arctic with help from the WWF.
My duties were to oversee the desktop experience and to make sure the donation process was seamless and easy from all possible donation points. I also handled the gaming aspects of acquiring  a parcel of land and customization and promotion through social of your explorations in our virtual space.

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