Design the cloud / A global portal to manage the services from NTT Communications

The NTT project reinforced the value of prototype, prototype and then prototype some more. When you’re working with dynamic data, it’s just too tricky to rely on presentation files to paint a picture of how people will actually use the beautiful designs you can paint in Photoshop. By starting out with crude code, as seen in the photos, we refined interaction first, and created a game-changing design.

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NTT is the largest telecommunications company in the world, according to Fortune magazine, but few in the US have heard of it. Their infrastructure was the best in the world, but the user experience was an afterthought. Using the opportunity of introducing cloud services, we designed  a new way for customers to manage and interact with their accounts and products.
The design rolled out for cloud and was so well received we extended it to the hundreds of other services the company offers. And it didn’t stop there. The project assets were incorporated at a global level and integrated into a platform of customer engagement into the 2015 vision for the company. This brought massive resources and recognition to the team for development and deployment.

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