Touch your presentation / m^ for millicare

Millicare has a relationship with thousands of independent businesses that use their innovative cleaning product to provide environmentally friendly carpet care. There is new competition in this market, so the company that creates this state-of-the-art process needs to explain the complexity to a variety of buyers. It wants to enable the salesperson to connect with the customer, but also be able to pull up facts, figures, and testimonials to support their narrative. Our agency had the opportunity to envision a new way to present this process, and as Creative Director I led a team to envision, pitch and deliver this product.
A platform to use touch/pinch and zoom came from the complexity of organizing and contextualizing all the content the company currently or would have in the future.  Noone enjoyed fumbling to find a story or a PDF on their tablet or laptop. It killed the conversation, and presentations were too linear. The platform started as a content organization scheme, using the visible levels of the earth (overview) to an atom (the chemical process) as a way to contextualize the 10 levels of the Millicare story and advantages to each level from city, to neighborhood, to office. My team of copywriters, animators, designers, and  prototypers created a two-level prototype in iOS for further approval of the development.
Educating the customer on the advantages of a new, unproven platform meant lots of time presenting across the organization the advantages and promise of this approach to interactive presentation. After initial approval, they did not to not be locked into iPad and the app store so we had to pivot our concept to HTML 5/CSS3 that could be delivered in a browser. Restarting the work on architecture was an initial setback but we were able to realize our idea into a more flexible, malleable platform. WIth the client product delivered, we were continually engaged as an agency to make static content pieces interactive to fit the new paradigm. We also branded and used this system on mobile to create a new media CMS for other clients.  

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