Touch your presentation / m^ for millicare

When you create a presentation, you lock yourself in to a set series of ideas that you hope connect with your audience. In a conversation, connection is key, but you may want to reference the right fact, the right image, the right quote that lets you make your point and still maintain your focus on the audience.
This project invents an innovative 3D interface that leverages the touch interface of a tablet to respond naturally and deliver ideas without detracting from the human connection.

As creative director on this project the idea came based on sales materials we were producing. The proposal to our client was we could use the touch interface to create a different and better way to use facts to tell the brand story. They agreed and the result was the touchpoint platform and our first product – m^. A zoomable user interface lets a presenter create millions of possible presentations on the fly.

 Using cutting-edge HTML 5 and CSS 3 techniques, we delivered both an app and web version that shared the same content and allowed for easier updates, while leveraging the advantages of both platforms. I managed the architecture, design, presentation, budget, staffing, and delivery process, coming through on time and with a platform that can be used for other clients and stories to come.

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