A very busy year

It’s been a very fruitful year working with the great team at ARC/Leo Burnett. I’m grateful most of all to the brilliant, funny, and talented creative director Bass Phillips for his leadership in the many ventures we undertook this year. For the good people of Purina, we continued refinement of WagWorld.com, where people who are looking to spend

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Google is evil, Adobe is lazy and Apple is…

“No one will be using Flash. The world is moving to HTML5.” I was struck by this quote, supposedly coming from the the Steve during a private pep talk about Apple’s relationships with Adobe and Google. Within my industry, rich interaction goes hand in hand with Flash. It has been a personal crusade of mine

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What can you do only with touch?

Its been about two years since Apple opened up the API and allowed people to write programs directly with the interface elements available within the hardware and software of the iPod device. This has been an unprecedented success, more people have picked up Objective C, even more sales have taken place since the heydays of

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6 crap User Interface ideas we’re stuck with

To be nostalgic about old computer interfaces really only seems to take place in the world of videogames. Its rare that people reminisce about Windows 3.1, although OS 9 has a couple of fans. I heard a heartfelt review of a videogame on the Totally Rad Show where one of the latest and greatest games was unfavorably compared

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