Advising your customers / Purina Cat Chow website redesign

 This project gave me confidence that you should create a brand site around the utility to the user  rather than just expressing the novelty of a campaign slogan.
Some of the deliverables shown above, new sitemaps, the experience of search, and the design of the library and social.

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I was brought on as Experience Director for this project after the design process dragged on for months without reaching a solid consensus and strategy. The goal was to create an interactive experience that represented the new brand promise of “share a better life.” Focus group testing showed little effective results.
The answer? Researching the old site logs, a resource of cat advice with entries that numbered in the thousands. By making this resource the focal point of our redesign, we revived a vibrant community resource and offered a way to engage in cat care questions and answers. This project paved the way toward creating a social hub that served customers and brought a valuable online resource to this company’s flagship brand.

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