Defining your brand / redesign

Redesign of took a concerted effort from a all-star team to come up with ways to update and engage users in the joy of pet ownership. While some of the ambitious goals were squashed, the site needed a rethinking from the ground up as to what people expect from the brand parent’s site. My argument:  to be much more than just coupons.

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Purina was a hot mess of information, tips for cat and dog care, descriptions of their 30 to 40 products, as well as outreach, dog shows and vacation destinations for you and your pet. Working with the CEO and CMO, I led the charge to bring some order to the chaos. The first thing, choosing ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ – my logic, what if you have both? This led to a easier navigation structure that offered a switch between either pet.
Then we needed to add value at a corporate level. My first navigation proposal Purina – your pet – our passion seemed to be a natural fit. “Purina” for the corporate aspects, “Your pet” for brands and care, and “our passion” for outreach, and pro-pet enrichment areas. We tested this approach with potential users and lost by a small margin, we regrouped with “Choosing a pet”, “Feeding your pet”, and “Caring for your pet” but I still hold hope for the former option.

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