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A n00b at SxSW

My expectations were somewhat high, having many friends/co-workers come back from the event and asked about it they lacked words to describe. A convention so magical it renders people speechless. I can now say that I am also at a lack for summary words but will forge on, hopefully, to jog my own memory as

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Unbelievable sounds episode 4 – dynamics

Episode four, I think, is a new level. If you’ve ever turned it up to 11, its all about dynamics, loudness, or just plain impact. If you turn back to the 20’s just being loud enough to be heard over the sound of dust in the grooves was the challenge. Contemporary music has a bit

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Unbelievable sounds episode three: stereo

The gloves come off this episode, I get down and dirty and really begin to research some of my rambled opinions. And what a befitting subject. As mono recordings could represent black and white movies, some amazing art, but technology marches on. Stereo adds that extra bit of oomph for those of us with two

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I wish I did it!

Our newest agency culture building exercise is called “I wish I did it”. The purpose is to gather the agency together over a long lunch and share what things are inspiring us. We have been going for several months now, and it has grown to be a date we all look forward to. We’ve even

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Unbelievable sounds episode two: thoroughly modern mono

Sophisticated sounds, in a monaural vein. How early mastering to mono created some of the great sonic gems, with examples from Pablo Casals, and Louis Armstrong. Then, fidelity gets better, Les Paul is introduced, as well as just what good sounds can come from Sam Cooke and the Rolling Stones, indeed who needs Stereo?

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Unbelievable sounds episode one – Mono!

Ok, it’s really here, the first episode of the long mulled over “Unbelievable Sounds” – for those used to the yearly dip into the record rack, this will come as a departure. I wanted to come up with a way to share some of the unsung nuances of what it means to listen to recorded

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Doing good work

I have a new position at Central Coast Agency working with some new friends and trying to make some good work for our clients. I’m happy to be a Creative Director now, although it does push my efforts into guiding both concept and delivery – but that’s a good thing. One thing I do enjoy is the

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UX designer picks the winners at Cannes 2011

1. Old Spice Responses (Weiden+Kennedy) Wins Grand Prix, etc! Let’s get this one out of the way. No contest. Why? Because it took an already winning execution and brought it into lo-fi down-and-dirty Ernie Kovacs territory. A couple of props, a towel, and a deep connection to the always-on mantra of the internet. Make a

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UX will do you some good

Don’t assume in a dropdown list that aphabetical is the ideal sort. Assume that questions that are meaningful to the business problem may require an example. Don’t assume that non-required questions should be asked anyway Indicate what the information will be used for. Never use a cancel button. Align right all submit buttons. Feburary UX

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“Do no harm” design

Its true that many of the people making design decisions on the web are not designers. They are engineers, business people, students, factory workers, race-car drivers, etc. Since content is the main value proposition of the internet, how can we keep bad design decisions from obscuring their contributions? Perhaps the philosophy of “do no harm”

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